Protect & covered

Protect & covered 

Protect the people that are apart of and coming in contact with your business everyday, by ensuring all your area's and surfaces are sanitized 24/7, Covered in knowing your company / business is doing extra, going beyond the minimums and you have a molecular / micro layer of cover in, around and on your surfaces!    

Now its a new world of higher hygiene practices and standards, by everyone doing their part and together we are strong, its amazing what can be done when everyone is working together and by give our staff, business collogues and clients the confidence that we are, builds for a good future. 

Give confidence to your staff, customers, partners and future people looking for your service, that you care and are doing everything possible to help protect and service them.

Show everyone that your area's, business or services are micro protected 24/7 by using and displaying the Microguard 24/7 shield below, by applying Microguard's anti-microbial surface protection to your area's (certified and scheduled) your approved to display the "antimicrobial Virus protected 24/7" shield, on your website, marketing and at the protected area's.    

 Graphics (for your website and marketing) on site stickers and approval to use & display, are supplied with product purchase and certified training.  


The Recovery, post Covid-19 and new germ focused world!

The world and our way of life will never be the same - were doing our bit to aid the recovery, educating people and suppling a preventive solution to help keep everyone healthy, the latest fight has been Covid-19 (COVID-19 CoV-2) 2020, for the last 20 years our partners HealthGuard® have been on the front line find solutions for SARS (SARS-CoV-2), E. Coli, Golden Staph, MRSA A129 Staphylococcus aureus, Influenza A, working closely with Department of Microbiology and Immunology at Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity at The University of Melbourne on intelligent biotech solutions with their own purpose built production plant located in Melbourne, Australia

Microbiology the study Microorganisms and the effectiveness of pathogen and decease control isn't a game! To effectively control cross contamination on surfaces, our product has been independently tested by Therapeutic Goods Administration TGA ensure its effectiveness and safety - this standard gives governments, privet companies and mum's at home the confidence it works to kill Virus and it safety to use around our family, Non Toxic and Hypo allergenic, everyone has the responsibility to ensure we do all we can to make our homes, our daily retinue places and our communities as safe as possible. - MSDS and product safety sheet available upon request. (by filling out the request at the bottom the home page) INDEPENDENT TESTED - TGA APPROVED

Remember to stop the spread and control of germs- do these activities

Personal activities to ensure your doing everything possible to protect you, your family and your business and the community.