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New hygiene rules for industries

The focus is on companies and management and "take action to protect workers and others at the workplace from the risk of exposure to COVID-19 so far as is reasonably practicable." 

Safe work Australia, Cleaning guidelines by Industry - Links 

Accommodation services                     Aged care                    Agriculture                        Beauty salons and day spas          Building and construction                    Cinemas                       Cultural institutions             Conference events and exhibitions                        Deliveries                                         Education and training    Early childhood education and training                          Energy and utilities Fly in fly out and drive in drive out       Food processing and manufacturing                       Gyms and fitness centers          Hairdressing          Health care                                        Hospitality                    Live entertainment                        Marine & airline                                       Mining                                             Public transport             Retail and shopping centers           Taxi and ride share                    Warehousing and logistics


Work safe .Gov

Actions that should be taken by employers and workers to ensure workplace hygiene and cleanliness is achieved to the standard necessary to protect people against COVID-19 infection. Includes compliance advice, guides, templates, links to other COVID-19 websites and answers to common workers’ compensation questions.

Link - Keeping your workplace safe, clean and healthy during COVID-19


  • You must take reasonable care for your own health and safety and the health and safety of others in your workplace.
  • You must co-operate with any reasonable policy or procedure that relates to health or safety at the workplace.


  • You must take action to protect workers and others at the workplace from the risk of exposure to COVID-19 so far as is reasonably practicable. This includes implementing the public health measures issued by health authorities including Queensland Health and the Australian Government Department of Health.
  • It is vital that you consult with and communicate with workers and their health and safety representatives (HSRs) on workplace measures to address COVID-19.

Put in place a plan to respond to COVID-19

  • Also put in place any directives issued by Queensland Health – this should include infection prevention and control policies and procedures, safe systems of work, how workers and their HSRs will be consulted, and how you will monitor and update your plan as public health information changes.
  • Consult with workers on the plan and display it clearly in the workplace. Consultation with workers, and, where applicable their representative, is required at each step of the risk management process.

Implement measures to keep workers safe and stop the spread of COVID-19

  • Implement and promote high order controls to complement hygiene practices (e.g. social distancing such as work from home where possible, create separate walkways through worksites, limit numbers of people in lunch or crib rooms or install barriers and screens).
  • Equally as important, implement good hygiene practices including hand hygiene and workplace cleaning – employers must provide sufficient cleaning and disinfection supplies and equipment, or engage a suitable cleaning service.
  • Use personal protective equipment (PPE) where necessary and in accordance with the relevant State and National guidelines.
  • Consider industry specific advice for higher risk workplaces or industries where the health of workers or people who are at the workplace are at higher risk, for example residential aged care, healthcare and correctional facilities.
  • Manage psycho-social risks for workers.
  • Communicate, train and supervise workers on workplace measures to address COVID-19.

he model WHS laws

Safe Work Australia is the national policy body responsible for the development and evaluation of the model WHS laws (the model laws), which are comprised of the:

The model laws have been developed for implementation by all jurisdictions (that is, the Commonwealth, states and territories). However, they do not apply in a jurisdiction unless the jurisdiction has separately taken action to implement the laws as their own WHS laws.

WHS laws in your jurisdiction per State - click this link

In this new - keep everything germ free "world" every industry has their own regulations that need to be up held - our aim is to help you to not only meet them but do the extra, ensuring your compliance every time :)