reApplying and application of Microguard's sanitizing disinfectant products

Applying with our Self-application system

Our experience team of adviser will guide you and your team through every step

- Planning what products and applicators you need                                           

- Scheduling application and product delivery 

- Applying  Microguard's active protective coating and suppling full accredited training.

Our adviser works with you in looking at all areas that you require to be kept either: Sanitized (Germ, Virus, Bactria or mould free) Mosquito free or bed bug / mite free, to ensure your receiving the product required do the job. 

Discussing your environment, locations, area's usage, traffic frequency and other factors with one of our application consultants, together we formulate a safety guideline, to cover all your requirements and form a application plan

Good planning is key

A major part of planning and keeping area's / surfaces sanitized, is applying to a application schedule, we tailor it to your area's and industries requirements.  We now live in a hygiene monitored world, we work with you to create and allocate a required schedule to applicate and sign off.

Training and accreditation - Disinfecting an area, managing infection control and applying an active protective coating, is an important task that requires each appointed administrator to be trained and accredited, to be capable is setting out the self-applicators in the right locations, using fogging equipment and knowing the product safety. (this training is trained by an third party, accredited training organization - Microguard will be covering the cost associated with it)  


Application for all you requirements

Spray on or wipe: Spraying directly onto hard surfaces - wiping over ensuring all the surface is wet with the treatment, Textiles - spray directly onto the surface ensuring the fabric is covered and completely wet, allowing 10min for treatment to dry. 

Self-applicators and Fogging: All self-applicators and fogging treatments must be carried out in and empty premises / areas with air conditioning systems that are isolated to the area (switch to recirculate) and turn on, If air-conditioning systems connect to other area's (that aren't empty at the time of treatment) switch them off (ensuring the treatment is confined to the treated area)

Ensure all external doors are closed and any internal doors and any internal doors and small space closures are open. Position the static self-applicator in the location to achieve a minimum dosage rate of 8mL/m3 treating 40cm3 letting the anti-microbial to land and around all surfaces or with portable fogging equipment, movement must be carried out to achieve a minimum dosage rate of 8mL/m3 over area.

Area must remain empty for 30 min after self-applicator has finished or Fogging treatment is finished.

Ware PPE Equipment, Not to be used on skin, avoid eye and digestion, Read the label before use. Not to be used to disinfect medical devices or other therapeutic goods.

Master batching - is applying the formula into the manufacturing process of fabrics and textiles so the anti-microbial forms apart of the fiber, locking in the anti-microbial properties into the finished product.

Soak textiles at a 1/23% batching ratio,

Infusion - in-fusing the liquid into the make-up of liquid paints or finishers locking in the anti-microbial properties, when infused paints / finishers are applied to a surface, these anti properties stay active to repelling mosquito's or pop ceils. 

Blending at a 1 to 8.2 mix for outdoor non solvent paints, 1 to 15 for outdoor timber finishers,  


Providing preventive solutions, aimed at minimize transmission of diseases!

From infection transmission from surfaces and fabrics (destroying newly introduced pathogen's) limiting Mosquito transmission (from human and animals) and reducing bed bug & mites (biting and blood feeding)  

We will guide you through what is required to suit you and your business.

Our products are made to be a long lasting, effective, environmentally safe and non-toxic solution.

Formulating each anti-microbial application, to suits surfaces, fabrics and liquids (paints and finishers) ensuring each solutions delivers an effective protective solution. 

Surfaces and finished products protection - the largest required solution is for current surfaces and finished products, in our day to day lives and our environments we come in contact with! eg (example below of a normal working mum's day)

An Example of daily transmission points -  A day in the life of a busy mother / business woman

The busy mother / business woman - (in red are all the surface transmission points she come in contact with that, foster bacteria, mould & viruses)

At home getting ready for her day, Bathrooms & making lunches the kitchen, In the car dropping the kids to school (one pre-school and one primary school) before heading to work, The office (lift, work space, toilets), she jumps into the train to a client's office (for a meeting), she need to eat so to a restaurant for lunch, Uber's back to office (to sign for a delivery being dropped off) leaves work to pick up the kids up from school after there full day being in contact with others kids. 

Our aim is to work with all these industries to keeping these surfaces sanitized 24/7, our full range of anti-microbials suit all industry applications.  

At home - Home is our safe place for our families to live and grow, keep your home hygienically clean and protected, from your surfaces, bedding from bugs, entertaining areas from mosquitos and hands for the world.

Protect from introduced / brought home pathogens, ether on surfaces, on items clothes or from visitors! Mould in wet area's, Anti-microbial wash (to treat) uniform and school bags. 

Sanitize everyone's hands once a day on leaving the house, using our non-acholic 24hr lasting anti-microbial hand sanitizer  

Relaxing outside - Treat outdoor fabrics to form a barrier reducing mosquitos and mosquito bites.    

In the car - the level of bacteria found in cars are equal to that of a toilet, plus it a high risk area for introduced pathogens, protect all surfaces, plus the air-conditioning easily, re-infection after being sick is a huge problem. 

Pre-school / School - We all know our very young kids past everything around to each other at daycare, influenza (the flu), protecting area's of study for our youth,  

The office (all area's) We spend a huge amount of our life's at work and for our companies to keep our staff protected and well (also minimizing sick days and time off)    

Restaurants, hospitality is one the most effected industries by the recent health pandemic and the recovery is now so important and

giving conference to       

Public transport, We all need to move around and this puts us in contact with items that other humans have touched or made micro contact with!  

Rideshare (taxi) this day and age of on demand services (clicking a button and a service reacting straight away) - Uber, Didi and other rideshare services are the most popular form of transport. 

Logistics, Many hands make lite works and none more so than the freight and logistics companies that keep this country moving, from our truckies, warehousing and delivery guy, (meaning the more touch points the more transmission)     

Industries solutions  

Age care facilities and over 50"s Estates


Commercial and office spaces


Entertainment and Recreation venues

Hospitals and health care Facilities


Hotels, Houses and accommodations


Manufacturing, Masterbatching & Infusion 


Mining and Agriculture 


Retail, Restaurants, Pub's and Shopping Centers


Schools Universities and Learning centers


Navy Army and Air force


Transport and Logistics