Anti-Dust Mite Spray (self application)

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Dust mites affect millions of people and are known triggers of allergies like asthma, eczema, psoriasis, emphysema, glue ear, conjunctivitis and hay fever. Microscopic and invisible to the human eye, dust mites infest mattresses, lounge suites, pillows and carpets, provides the real solution.

The durable barrier to prevent re-infestation inhibits the growth and proliferation of harmful virus, moulds, spores, bacteria and fungi.

Bedding can remain in service longer, rooms can be re-rented quicker

Ideal for allergy sufferers

Provides for a healthy sleeping environment

World-first combined anti-dust mite, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial treatment

Safe for humans and the environment

Independently tested

 Long-lasting efficacy keeps on repelling

Provides ideal efficacy after several cleans

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