Industry & personal 24/7 - microscopic layer of protection, destroys 99.9% Germs - Bacteria and Fungus, keeping surfaces sanitized for long periods.

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In the fight against Virus - Bacteria - Mould - Mosquito's - Bugs - Mites and Micro-Organisms, that are or cause diseases, illness, transmission and infestation.

Partnered with a world-leading innovator in disease prevention, helping governments, companies and the public over the last 30 years doing everything they can to protect families, companies, the community and most importantly the vulnerable - our youth and elderly.

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Anti-microbial - Reducing Virus and Bacterial transmission on surfaces and textiles

Microguards anti-microbial is applied to all surfaces and shared spaces, destroying present and newly introduced viruses, bacteria's and mould, staying active for long period of time greatly reducing the risk of transmitting pathogens from surfaces .

By adding the method of treating surfaces and locations atmosphere, it adds a microscopic layer of protection to ensure when bacteria, virus and microbes are introduced, they are destroyed, keeping the surfaces and environment sanitized. The treatment is applied via our EASY self-application system of micro mist, fogging or surface spray, allowing access to areas that are usually unobtainable when cleaning, like air-conditioning systems, filters, fabrics and germ hiding spots, under and around items. Once applied, all treated surfaces will be protected for an extended period of time – even through regular cleaning*

How it works so effectively

By covering all surfaces with a microscopic layer of 'spines' it attracts germ positive and negative pathogens, popping the pathogen cells on contact - killing them instantly and without the use of heavy or harsh poisons.

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Anti-Mosquito, reduces up to 95% of landings and bites

Mosquitoes are capable of carrying and spreading a wide variety of infectious diseases. Responsible for malaria, dengue fever, zika virus, yellow fever, encephalitis and many others world wide, the mosquito is the deadliest (most deaths per year) animal on the planet!

The best way to prevent being infected by transmission is to avoid being bitten in the first place. Our anti-mosquito provides the real solution.

Microguards anti-mosquito treatments are applied to items (not the skin) suitable to most surfaces, either through spraying onto a finished sub-straight (fabric) that stays active for up to 3 months or 30 washers; when master batched into the product in the manufacturing process the results is active to the life of the product; or infusion for paints and coatings to greatly reduce the risk of bites and the risk of infection transmission.

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Mosquito free areas

Create a protective barrier at all times.

Easily treat your clothes, work wear, camping and fishing gear or furniture at your place of business, protecting all your customers, clients and staff. Giving them the best mosquito free experience, or masterbatch anti-mosquito into the fabric of your products (e.g. clothing, tents, shades, fishing gear, outdoor furnishings etc.) so your product now repels mosquitos for your clients!

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Anti-Bed bug and Dust mites

Repel and protect fabrics, bedding and mattresses before they have the chance to be infested!

Bed bug numbers increased by up to 500% per annum globally, and each infestation can be capable of hundreds of bites per invasion. They seek out humans and are drawn to the carbon dioxide we exhale and our body heat. The best way to prevent becoming infected is to avoid being bitten by bed bugs in the first place. Anti-bed bug is the real solution and provides up to 80% effectiveness after several cleans.

Irritations, reactions that are caused by bed bugs and mites can be prevented, allowing yourself or your guests a relaxing and sanitized sleep.

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Dust Mites graze on fungi and rotting skin scales, can be difficult to detect due to their small size, you can only see them under a microscope, and even then, they only look like small white spider-like creatures, dust mites can trigger asthma-related symptoms and cause asthma in children who have never previously displayed asthma symptoms (United States Environmental Protection Agency, 2008).
Dust mites account for 70% of all respiratory allergies, food allergies are increasingly common but are not as widespread as dust mite allergies, which have become a full-blown public health problem. From 60% to 80% of asthmatic children are sensitive to household dust mites.

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A good night sleep

We all want and need to ensure families and business guests, enjoy their stay without unwanted visitors through out the night. Beds and furnishings are high risk and growth areas for bed bugs, so don't risk infestation by not protecting these areas. Plus In todays world of social media, client reviews and google rankings, the cost to your business could be massive.

Manufacturers can also masterbatch anti-bed bug into products.

Human and animal safe, no heavy metals or poisons

Easy self-application system, a first of its kind

Full training and certification ensures your workplace, service items or areas are not disrupted throughout the application, making the system affordable in every way... Protecting what's most important to YOU.

Working together - protect & covered

Show and promote that your organisation or business has taken every step possible to protect their staff and ensure clients are covered.

Display the Microguard shield to build client confidence, at the protected area, promotional materials and on your website:


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