Industry leading active long lasting Anti-microbial disinfectants

Designed for Industries as a real solution for the long term! commercially viable, saving on applications and labor costs while increase Hygiene levels, Microguard anti-microbial technology adds a layer of protection, destroys 99.9% Germs - Bacteria and Fungus, and keeps sanitising for long periods. Minimizing transmission and contamination from surfaces - destroying pathogens as they are introduced!

Application methods

24/7 SURFACE protection

Directly applied to the surface & allowed to dry forms a Protective barrier against Gram +/- pathogens

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Micro-Mist & Fogging

Easy to use applicators are designed for Area's & Vehicles ULV Fog to directly applied onto the surface and large area's

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Textile treatments

Easily added in to the manufacturing process or topically applied gives, active results for up to the life of the product - bacterial, mosquito ect

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Focused on Delivering Intelligent, Preventive Biotech solutions

In the fight against Virus - Bacteria - Mould - Mosquito's - Bugs - Mites and Micro-Organisms, that are or cause diseases, illness, transmission and infestation.

Partnered with a world-leading innovator in disease prevention, helping governments, companies and the public over the last 30 years doing everything they can to protect families, companies, the community and most importantly the vulnerable - our youth and elderly.

Human and animal safe, no heavy metals or poisons